To International Custmers

【Overseas Delivery Service】
Dear overseas customers, Thank you for visiting our online store.
You can use a package forwarding service to ship our store’s products to your place.
Please note that we don’t arrange international shipment directly from our store. The products you purchased will be arranged through the forwarding service and be shipped such as by EMS or FedEx.
Please use the forwarding service at your own discretion after acknowledging the following.
Here is some option of forwarding service for you+ TensoCom
How to proceed your purchaseSign up with your details on TensoCom.
After signing up, enter the address provided by TensoCom in our Online Store purchase form.
We will then ship your products to the provided address.
After this, please follow the guidelines of TensoCom as they will arrange shipment for you following your request.

We will handle any damaged products before they arrive at the warehouse of the forwarding company (TensoCom).
For any issues that arise or any enquiries relating to shipment tracking,
please follow the guidelines of TensoCom or contact them directly.

We appreciate your understanding and support.
Arigato Gozaimasu.